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Tierra Employment Services

Supported Employment is a unique employment service for individuals with developmental disabilities who require ongoing support services to succeed in competitive employment. Tierra Employment Services began serving job seekers with developmental disabilities June 1, 2018. We serve adults referred to us from the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), a division of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).  

Tierra Village is the only Agency in the Upper Valley to offer these services.  We provide support to job seekers to gain employment in their own communities.  Once employed, we provide ongoing job coaching and career development support. All employment placements are individual, paying at least minimum wage.  Placements can range from part time up to full time depending on individual choice, job goal and job availability. 

What is Supported Employment? 

  • Work for pay at the same rate as other employees 

  • Promotes social integration, productivity, and maximum use of a person's skills and abilities 

  • Takes place in an integrated work setting 

  • Assists individuals with developmental disabilities, severe and persistent mental illnesses, or other significant disabilities 

  • Includes job coaching provided by an employment specialist after placement on the job 

  • Maintains support services to the worker for present and future employment needs 

  • Builds extended, ongoing supports to assist a person in maintaining employment 

  • Supports may include: arranging transportation, placement, training or retraining the supported worker, developing natural supports and assistive technology, if needed, to perform job duties. 

What are the values of Supported Employment? 

  • Inclusion in the community 

  • A belief that the individual will be able to work 

  • Placement in competitive employment 

  • Individualized plan development 

  • The support of family members, friends or coworkers 

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