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Resident Spotlight: Leo Black

Leo Black loves to move.

If he isn’t handling his chores at home then he is down at his prime hillside spot skiing, snowboarding, building jumps, or mountain biking depending on the season.

This is in addition to volunteering for Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, working for the City of Leavenworth Parks Department, working for the maintenance division of Tierra Learning Center, and, last but certainly not least, working two days a week at Stevens Pass. This is a dream come true for Leo. He helps with the magic carpet and at the ski school. Then, after his shift it’s time for some turns!

This is Leo's second year working at Stevens Pass. He was asked to add a day this year. His work ethic is such a great asset that his supervisors want Leo around as a positive leadership example for the rest of the staff at Stevens Pass. Mr. Black wanted to do the pond skim last year, so, with the help of our Activities Coordinator we made it happen! See his picture after the experience below.

Leo is a resident at our very own Coyote House, AFH, part of Tierra Village.

He is one of our original residents. If you need to know where something is or how something works around the house, just ask Leo! He even has his own ATV to help with his many missions. As a former care giver and now as the AFH manager for Coyote House, it is my pleasure to see something quite rare in the human race:

a person who is always where he is supposed to be

and is always doing what he is supposed to do.

Leo hales from Whidbey Island.

He comes from a fantastic family.

They raise cattle.

We eat it.

Leo loves helping out with the cattle and getting into some ball sports in the field at his parent's home.

He plays baseball, basketball, football--you name it!

Mr. Black is a wonderful roommate, a volunteer, and a hard worker.

He is employed by three different organizations because he is an asset to all three. His roommates look up to him and we couldn't be more proud!

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