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Tierra Employment Services: How We Help People Find and Keep Jobs

At Tierra Employment Services, we believe that people with disabilities can work. We know that there can be barriers for those who have developmental or intellectual disabilities and that’s where Tierra Employment Services can help. Once a person qualifies for our services through DDA (The Developmental Disabilities Administration, part of DSHS), we can get the process going towards employment.

The process begins with a Person- Centered Planning Meeting. During this planning meeting, we look at the person’s interests, needs, abilities, dreams, potential barriers, and work/volunteer history. Through the Person -Centered Planning meeting, a person-centered service plan is created. The people involved in this meeting are the person with the developmental disability, their circle of support (friends and family), and Tierra Employment Services staff. Working together, we make measurable goals and action plans to achieve those goals.

The second step is the Assessment/Discovery Process. It is in this phase that we help the job seeker learn new tasks and identify what jobs might be best suited for the person. There might be volunteer work involved during this phase. Development of a resume, portfolio, or video resume as well as travel training, interview skills happen during this step.

Next is Job Development. Tierra Employment Services staff, along with the job seeker will look for or perhaps develop a job that fits the job seekers goals and needs which were discovered in the Person-Centered Planning meeting.

Once a job has been found, Job Coaching begins. The Job coach will work with the job seeker and the employer to make sure that the job seeker is successful in their job placement.

If you or someone you know in the Upper Wenatchee Valley would benefit from our Employment Services, please send them our way!

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