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Downhill Ski Adventure With Outdoors For All

On February 8th, the TRAILS day program headed to Stevens Pass for a fun and adventurous day of adapted downhill skiing with the Outdoors For All Foundation. For 7 of the 8 participants who were in attendance, this was the first time trying downhill skiing. They all did a fantastic job of stretching their comfort zones and trying new things, whether it was wearing new and different gear like heavy ski boots, getting comfortable riding the Magic Carpet, learning to balance in a sit-ski, or trying a route with a new instructor. 1 of the 8 in attendance has a lot of experience and was very helpful with providing advice and support to his peers! All-in-all, the day was a fantastic success and we are immensely grateful for the staff and volunteers of the Outdoors For All Foundation, and for the volunteers from the Leavenworth community who came out to support us and make this such a wonderful day. Let's do it again some time!

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