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Tierra Village  Mission, Vision and Values

Our vision is of a society in which people of all abilities live as equal citizens with full respect for their human rights, freedom and dignity.  Everyone has the same choices and opportunities to live a purposeful and valued community life with the needed supports to do so.

Our mission is to provide homes and services for people with developmental disabilities in a collaborative, integrated and diverse community located in a beautiful natural setting.

Our values include self-determination, meaningful work opportunities, a celebration of diversity, the experience of lifelong learning and compassionate service.

Program Missions

Coyote House’s mission is to provide a flourishing person-centered, financially sustainable home which is nested in a vibrant learning community.


TRAILS' mission is empower individuals to be leaders of their own lives through vocational training, the arts, adventure education and community connection.

Das Deal Book's mission is to: 

1.      Build mutually respectful and beneficial relationships between Tierra and the larger community.

2.      Provide clear pathways for members of the broader community to lend a hand toward our success.

3.      Build networks of businesses desiring a mutually beneficial website link through participation/sponsorship.

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