Building Homes and Co-Creating Community With People of All Abilities

Welcome to Tierra Village

A Community Based Organization Fostering Stewardship, Inclusiveness & Positive Growth

Tierra Village has come to fruition, in large part, to act as a community that can include people of all abilities in a larger vision. Much of our outlook has come through extensive research into various long term housing options and educational programs serving people with developmental disabilities. Inclusiveness not only means working to integrate people with special needs into mainstream lifestyles and natural support networks, but also means being active participants in a home community that attracts others and creates a shared pocket of positive energy.

The Tierra Learning Center is the umbrella organization holding our community of individuals and business together on 320 acres in the North Central Cascade Foothills with a drive to share resources as we each work on one aspect of community development. Tierra Learning Center's business and non-profit enterprises, such as Tierra Organics, Mijanou Pottery, Mountains Sprouts Children’s Community, Tierra Forestry and Biochar, Tierra Recreational Arts and Life Skills School (TRAILS), Das Deal Book, and Tierra Village come together and promote sensible stewardship of the land, positive and life-long learning and a spirit of inclusion.

Tierra Village is an independent  501(c) 3 working to create person centered homes and educational programming for adults with developmental differences. Our mission is to provide homes and services for people with developmental disabilities in a collaborative, integrated and diverse community located in a beautiful natural setting.

Our Programs Include:
Residential Services at Coyote House- A BEAUTIFUL Community Based Home for 5 Adults with Developmental Differences.
Day Program and Pre-Employment Training at TRAILS- Tierra's Recreational Arts and Life Skills Program
Our Bi-Annual Fundraiser Das Deal Book- A  local coupon book aimed at connecting us to the community through the mutually beneficial activity of promoting the local economy.

Looking for a capable and dynamic leader to facilitate a person centered support team to build community, healthy habits and connections one goal at a time.

Coyote house cruises over the finish line.