Resident Manager/ Lead Care Partner Position

 Tierra Village Job Announcement

This is an open application process.  For immediate consideration, apply now.

Job Title:  Resident Manager/ Lead Care Partner

Earliest Start Date: October 1, 2014

Applications received will be reviewed on a rolling basis until position is filled.

Tierra Village, a non-profit 501 c(3) organization,is seeking a dynamic and experienced care partner, individual or couple, to serve as the resident manager of a home in Leavenworth, WA. This position is responsible for the overall housing, safety, meals, and well being of five adults with developmental disabilities. Tierra Village has formed within a larger land-based community atmosphere in a spectacular natural setting. The resident manager will have the opportunity to help shape the character and quality of the Adult Family Home and related educational and vocational programs, along side the Tierra Village director. Please note the term care partner stems from the concept of care provider traditionally used in Adult Family Homes.   Care partner, used here, reflects Tierra's belief that great care stems from a two way partnership in which both parties can grow and change.

Position Summary:

The Resident Manager  will be responsible for all aspects of the successful operation of the Coyote House. All potential applicants are strongly encouraged to visit for an overview of the community that helps to support Tierra Village. The Care Partner will collaboratively provide a safe, caring, engaging home environment for residents as well as actively support resident involvement in on and off-site community activities. The Care Partner may choose to reside in Coyote House with up to five residents. 

Working Conditions:

The Resident Manager is responsible for the health and well being of all residents. If they are not on duty they are responsible for the actions and choices of the Care Partners running the home in their absence. Tierra Village is dedicated in offering the support a capable and dynamic manager needs to succeed. Coyote House is a beautiful home outside the town of Leavenworth, Washington. Four seasons can bring hot, cold, wet and dry conditions depending on the time of year. Residents are active in all conditions that they wish to be. Care Partners may find them selves, cooking, cleaning, sledding, swimming, skiing, biking, creating art and/or bathing residents. Care Partners will be active and responsible for providing healthy choices to the residents who live here.

Essential Functions:

  • Orient, train, support and collaborate with care partner team to ensure all home and direct care of Coyote House residents are met. 
  • Plan, provide and encourage appropriate positive reinforcement in all aspects of the Residents’ Daily Living Skills as identified in their negotiated care plan.
  • Oversee planning, scheduling and preparation of nutritious, fresh, organic (as possible) meals including snacks.
  • Participate and oversee housekeeping to ensure the Home is clean and well maintained (inside and outside).
  • Listen well and provide problem solving opportunities as necessary.
  • Ensure that residents rights and records are maintained and privacy laws are adhered to.
  • Be familiar with all background information on each resident and communicate well with resident families regarding resident activity and events.
  • Facilitate punctual and safe transportation to community based appointments (jobs, haircut, dentist etc).
  • Monitor resident health changes and needs, and coordinate health care with Director.
  • Build, implement, and maintain a safety plan for each of the 5 residents, based on their abilities and needs (e.g. level of supervision, monitoring)
  • Act promptly and effectively in emergency situations.
  • Facilitate community meetings.
  • Plan, provide, coordinate, and assist residents with social, recreational, educational and leisure activities in collaboration with the staff and the director.
  • Support educational growth of residents, interns, self and staff.
  • Identify significant behavioral issues and develop appropriate interventions with support team and director.
  • Report all incidents in a timely manner to the Director and see that incident reports are completed.
  • Communicate and collaborate well with staff, Director and other professionals.
  • Regular, functional attendance
  • Inform Director of any staff disciplinary action necessary.
  • Build, oversee and adhere to annual and monthly budget.
  • Maintain a healthy, open and dynamic home environment.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS  (see “Additional Requirements Prior to Hire”, below)

Three years of management experience in an organization (public or private) which included responsibility for each of the following:

a) Empowerment/care for people with a range of abilities
b) Creating a learning environment
c) Program evaluation
d) Budget preparation, control, and implementation

The ideal candidate will possess the following desired attributes:

  • Creativity, flexibility, patience and compassion as core strengths.
  • A sense of humor, ability to work well with others, and be open to learning.
  • Passion for best practices, collaboration and innovation.
  • Enthusiasm for role as a facilitator, and able to orient and manage staff/volunteers.
  • Excellent and effective non- judgmental communication skills.
  • Commitment to living in community.
  • Shares Tierra Village values of inclusion, stewardship, and growth.
  • Experience and a passion for working with people of all abilities
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Ability to lead Coyote House in compliance with Washington State Regulatory Code for Adult Family Home
  • Organizational and planning skills

Preference given to candidates who have:

  • 4- Year College Degree (Nursing Degree a plus)
  • Computer and Writing skills
  • Teaching/Facilitation Experience
  • Experience cooking with fresh foods.

Additional Requirements Prior to Hire/On-going:

  • Associates Degree or higher
  • Background check
  • Care Plan for any dependents who need care during on-duty hours.
  • Medical examination as a condition of employment and a medical declaration yearly thereafter
  • CPR, first aid, blood born pathogens class
  • Food handlers permit
  • Continuing education-10 hours a year
  • TB test-given upon employment
  • Orientation certificate-provided by employer
  • 1000 Hours of care giving experience in the past 60 months in a licensed settling OR a PA,RN,CNA, DO or physician license. If you do not meet this criteria we will expect significant experience and/or training that can be used to convince us you are a 'best fit' for this position.

Salary and Benefits:


  • Meets industry standard and includes housing in a separated, spacious and hand-crafted apartment with private access and private outdoor space.

Core Benefits

  • Medical Stipend
  • Beautiful housing package including internet, utilities, garbage, and all housing related expenses.
  • All meals eaten alongside residents of Coyote House when on duty.

Retirement Benefits

  • Employee Retirement Benefits
    • Three percent employer paid contribution into a defined contribution program with Vanguard (employees eligible after 2 years of employment)

Paid Leaves & Other Benefits

  • Up to twelve days of paid Vacation (expected to be in December and late August).
  • Four sick days per year
  • Non-paid leave available based on coverage by fully trained care partner.

Additional Information:

To apply, follow the "Apply" link above and complete the Employment Application online including:

1. Resume

2. Cover letter that describes how your background, experience and training qualify you for the position.

The screening of candidates will be based on review of the application, resume, and cover letter. Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications and whose backgrounds most closely match the desired attributes as outlined in this announcement will be invited to interview.

Note: If you are offered employment, the offer will be contingent upon the outcome of an abuse check, credit report, medical examination, criminal records check and driving records check. Any criminal or founded abuse history will be reviewed and could result in the withdrawal of the offer or termination of employment.

If you require an alternate format in order to complete the employment process or have any questions, please contact Shanda at (509) 548-3519.


Tierra Village is committed to affirmative action, equal employment opportunity and workplace diversity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does A Day in the Life of Residents and Care Partners at Coyote House look like?

Because Tierra Village is still being built, there is not yet a ‘typical day’ for Tierra Village residents and care partners (resident manager, interns and respite staff).  The group of care partners and residents will be working together to define a shared schedule that meets everyone’s needs.

The exact staffing levels provided will be determined in response to the level of needs of the actual residents accepted at Tierra Village.   At a minimum, there will be a full time resident manager, a half time executive director, one AmeriCorps intern (on or off site), and 20- 24 hours of respite care per week. Depending on resident's needs there may be a second care partner on staff during awake hours.

At the core of a typical day/week’s schedule for Tierra Village residents there will be many elements:  healthy whole foods, celebration, the ability to be spontaneous, down time, interactions within the Tierra Village and Tierra Learning Center communities, communication, art & music, access to a good night sleep, and good hygiene and health. There is also an option for residents to participate in an active training and employment program five days a week. How these weave together in the day to day depends on job responsibilities, as well as strengths and interests of both the staff and the residents, combined with economics, support needs and personal choice.

Preparation of three healthful meals a day plus snacks will be the responsibility of the household, overseen by the resident manager  and or Lead Respite Staff with active participation by residents and care partners.  Therefore, early on, the household members will need to answer questions such as, “What are individuals food needs?  Can everyone get and prepare their breakfast? Should we have one or two people make lunch for all of us? Does anyone want to work in the garden in exchange for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares?”

In addition, residents participating in the day program will be encouraged and supported to find appropriate and supported employment outside of Tierra Village, which would impact the daily schedule.  If residents can use Link Transit we may want to try to help set up work schedules accordingly. If Link transit is not available/accessible for them then we will help to coordinate transportation to and from work.

There will also be opportunities for residents to be involved community nights, participate in UVC theater camp and other recreational activities, be involved in their own care, access training and educational opportunities, stay connected to the spiritual community they choose.

The season will invariably deal its hand into the scheduling mix as well. For example: the pears are ripe, who wants to have pears to eat? The blueberries are ripe, does anyone want frozen berries this winter? The walks are snowy, would anyone like to shovel snow, or will the community elect to create a rotating schedule for those who are able? It is really hot, should we go float the river this weekend?

The following is a possible schedule at Tierra Village, to be determined by resident care manager and those living in the Coyote House:

Hypothetical Weekday Schedule
7:30-8:30      Everyone gets/makes breakfast alongside Resident Manager.
9:00              Employment in town accessed via Link Transit or residents at TRAILS day program.
12:30            Lunch at Day Program (prepared by resident in advance)
2:00              Living Skills/ Training Opportunities at Tierra or TRAILS
5:30 or 6:00  Dinner prepared by volunteer and/or resident manager.
6:00              One resident has ski practice (he is a coach), with Leavenworth Winter Sports Club Director to drive him in. Other residents have down time at home or entertaining visitors.

Saturday Activities

Saturday could be set aside for a fun filled day of adventuring such as Skiing at Steven's pass or making music, or harvesting pears or making art, going to a festival in town, going dog sledding or horseback riding, etc., etc.

Is there both Community and Private Space in Coyote House?

Everybody needs community AND private space.  Coyote House will seek to balance these important needs while making sure a safe space is provided for everyone.   We carefully designed this building as a hybrid between a small apartment building AND a home, in order to provide both a sense of community and a sense of privacy, as needed.  In other words every resident gets their “own” space, BUT they walk out the door of their suite and into a supported community. The Resident Manager’s apartment and the Respite Care Partner is designed to have a private entrance and yard so when they are off duty they feel like they can really relax both inside and outside.

Tierra’s Adult Family home is similar in many ways to other adult family homes in Washington State in that it will have a maximum of 6 residents, and has a separate Care Giver/Resident Manager apartment that is within the main home (in this case downstairs).  Coyote House differs from other adult family homes in that we have an additional caregiver residence that is also attached. In this way we have lots of flexibility to have support staff and/or resident housing options within one building.  For example, we may have a second care provider/couple that lives on site so night coverage can be split between multiple people without having to have awake overnight staff.  Or we could have a resident couple use the “apartment” and offer housing to an AmeriCorps intern in a suite on the main floor. The house is divided to offer a feeling of ownership and intimacy within a larger support network.

What is Leavenworth like?

Leavenworth, Washington, is a small community located in the heart of the Washington State on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains.

Leavenworth is a semi-arid region, with and average annual rainfall of 9 inches. Ample sunshine is an attractive feature of the area, with most of the total rain/snowfall coming during a six month period from November through April. The mildish winter and abundance of sunshine during the growing season (average of 140 frost-free days per year) provide excellent conditions for agricultural production. Regionally the #1 grower for organic pears and numerous orchards of pears, apples, peaches, apricots, cherries, plums and some grapes for local wineries.

The terrain within the city is flat, valley floor. Gentle slopes of 11-25 degrees and steep slopes of 25-45 degrees surround the city. The elevation of Leavenworth is 1,166 feet above sea level, while the nearby mountains rise between 5,000 and 8,000 feet. Tierra Village is situated five miles from the downtown area. It is typical to have at least a foot of snow on the ground from December through April.
Leavenworth is a small town with big recreational opportunities.

Our county is rich with parks, rivers, lakes and recreational activities, including hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, biking, boating, farmers markets, summer theatre, art fairs, and music. A short driving distance to the west is great skiing in the Cascade Mountains. To the east are the fertile, semi-arid desert and Palouse. To the north is the Glacier Peak Wilderness Area, and to the south are the enchantment mountain and the Columbia River Basin.

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