Resident Info

Coyote House is licensed as an Adult Family Home. It will include 3 private rooms with private baths and 2 semi-private room with a shared bathroom.  All five residential rooms open into a supported community home. Coyote House is located within walking distance of the Tierra Learning Center (TLC) commons. The home will be operated with care partners and volunteers.  The following services and amenities are available to all residents:    


  • Sit down family style meals and snacks collaboratively provided daily
  • Access to healthy, organic and locally grown food when available and affordable
  • Housekeeping and laundry support
  • Care and Support Services aimed at supporting autonomy and choice
  • Access to Employment Services
  • Assistance/support with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing or taking medication
  • 24-hour staffing when needed
  • Scheduled transportation into town and assistance scheduling medical transportation
  • Social, recreational, and cultural activities
  • Routine unit maintenance
  • Basic Amenities Include:
  • Emergency call system in each room
  • Fully accessible suite and community house
  • Activity areas, common spaces, sitting and reading nooks
  • Phone and internet service in quiet community space
  • Beautiful outdoors spaces and terraces
  • Designed with perception difficulties in mind
  • Creatively designed kitchen to meet the needs of different abilities with safety and convenience as key elements
  • Laundry room
  • Storage space  

Additional Ammenties:

  • Private room
  • Private phone and internet

Services not included:

  • Medical care
  • Skilled Nursing

Tierra Village is an active working community with supported living options for people with a range of abilities. Tierra Village is a land based, life long learning community of contributing members, family and friends.  Our collaboration-based community provides residents the springboard for personal growth, self-confidence and for the expansion of social and daily living skills.

An additional feature of the Tierra Village Community is its location and connection to the larger Tierra Learning Center, including a pre-school, a retreat center, a pottery studio, and an organic garden and the other residents of the TLC community. An important aspect of Tierra’s ethos is we strive to contribute to the lives of others and act as stewards to the beautiful valley that supports us.

A Day in the Life of Residents and Care Partners at Coyote House.

At the core of a typical day/week’s schedule for Tierra Village residents there will be many elements:  healthy whole foods, employment opportunities, daily living skills training, celebration, the ability to be spontaneous, down time, interactions within the Tierra Village and Tierra Learning Center communities, communication, art & music, access to a good night sleep, and good hygiene and health. How these weave together in the day to day depends on job responsibilities, as well as strengths and interests of both the staff and the residents, combined with economics, support needs and personal choice.

Preparation of three healthful meals a day plus snacks will be the responsibility of the household with active participation by residents and care partners.  The season will invariably deal its hand into the scheduling mix as well. For example: the pears are ripe, who wants to have pears to eat? The blueberries are ripe, does anyone want to collect berries for now and for this winter?
Running Coyote House takes a community, so days reflect the needs of the home as well as the choices of activities residents wish to pursue.  For example questions for daily activities could be "The walks are snowy, would anyone like to shovel snow, or will the community elect to create a rotating schedule for those who are able?" Or "It is really hot, should we go float the river this weekend?"

The following is a possible schedule at Tierra Village, to be determined by resident care manager and those living in the Coyote House:

Hypothetical Weekday Schedule
7:30-8:30      Everyone gets/makes breakfast alongside Care Partner.
9:00              Employment in town accessed via Link Transit with  job coach.
12:30            Lunch at Coyote House or Sack Lunch
1:30              Living Skills/ Training Opportunities at TRAILS
5:30 or 6:00  Dinner
6:00              Resident has ski practice (he is a coach), with Leavenworth Winter Sports Club Director to drive him in.

Saturday Activities

Saturday could be set aside for a fun filled day of adventuring such as Skiing at Steven's pass or hiking trails surrounding Tierra Village, or making music and performing at the Earth Day Gathering, or harvesting pears or making art, going to a festival in town, going dog sledding or horseback riding, etc., etc.

Housing Details

Tierra’s Adult Family home is similar in many ways to other adult family homes in Washington State in that it will have a maximum of 6 residents, and has a separate Care Giver/Resident Manager apartment that is within the main home (in this case downstairs).  Coyote House differs from other adult family homes in that we have an additional caregiver residence that is also attached. In this way we have lots of flexibility to have support staff and/or resident housing options within one building.   The house is divided to offer a feeling of ownership and intimacy within a larger support network.

Community vs. Private Space

Everybody needs community AND private space.  Coyote House seeks to balance these important needs while making sure a safe space is provided for everyone.   We carefully designed this building as a hybrid between a very small apartment building AND a home, in order to provide both a sense of community and a sense of privacy, as needed.  In other words every resident gets their “own” space, BUT they walk out the door of their suite and into a supported community. The Lead Care Partner’s apartment is designed to have a private entrance and yard so when they are off duty they feel like they can really relax both inside and outside.

Any potential resident whose needs can be met and who meets the needs of our community will be considered if space is available. Tierra Village functions well because community members work well together. Tierra is well suited for people who have the desire to participate in both a social and active life. Life here is well suited for individuals who are committed to being a contributing member of the community to the greatest degree they are able.

Residents choosing a private room with a private bath must have sufficient financial resources available to cover monthly fees not covered by Medicaid and/or other public funding received.

Because of its geography, our collaboration-based lifestyle, our ratios of care partners to residents, there are some folks whose needs we cannot meet adequately. Unfortunately, we cannot adequately meet the needs of individuals with profound physical disabilities or serious, chronic nursing needs. Tierra Village is also not suitable for individuals who require one-on-one attention for all activities of daily living, round-the-clock care, or total physical care. Finally, we are not able to meet the needs of people with a primary diagnosis of mental illness, or individuals who are dangerous to themselves or others. Tierra Village is a zero-violence community meaning we do not tolerate abuse and violent behaviors.

All Care Partners at Coyote House are required to have the following certifications before being left alone with or providing personal care for any resident: Criminal Background Inquiry, First Aid and CPR Training, Blood Borne Pathogens Training, two-step TB test, Food Handlers Permit.  Additionally Care Partners must complete the 75 Hour Fundamentals of Caregiving (HCA) training within 120 days of hire.  Each Care Partner also maintains 12 hours of continuing education per year.  Residents who can complete the Home Alone Training and with guardian consent can be left home alone for short periods of time that is predetermined as part of their Care Plan.

Additionally the Care Partner Lead is responsible for overseeing the functioning of the home, coordinating the health, safety, social and personal needs of the resident members in cooperation with assistants in the home.  Information regarding the availability of the Care Partner Lead and how to contact them if they are not in the home or in case of emergency is posted in the Coyote House office.  There is not an RN or LPN on staff. In case of medical emergency, care partners will contact 911.

All regular volunteers have had a background check and have been fingerprinted, and references checked  but not all volunteers will have undergone a CPR & First Aid.  They can be left unsupervised with residents and can act as job coaches in the community.

TRAILS staff have all been fingerprinted and background checked, all have CPR & First Aid.

It is our intention to provide the best possible support for each resident for as long as they wish to reside in their home, as long as Tierra Village can adequately meet their needs. Tierra Village is also committed to providing Adult Family Home residents the maximum care allowed by regulation in Washington State. Within these limits we will provide or assist in arranging for additional services as needed, on a fee basis, should your care needs increase.

As long as the community can meet the resident’s needs and the resident meet the needs of the community. And so long as the resident and/or Tierra Village's scholarship fund can cover the cost of room, board & care.

Healthy balanced meals will be prepared three times daily with resident involvement. If a resident chooses not to participate, then easy-to-prepare and healthy snacks are available.

At Tierra the saying “food is life” is apropos. Food and healthy living define the rhythm of daily life in each house. All residents play an integral part in the health of the whole. Meals, their preparation, and clean up are a daily act of collaboration based on the capacity of each household member and their schedules.

Tierra Village will provide scheduled transportation for shopping and/or visits to town, and will provide assistance to residents in arranging transportation to/from medical appointments and to/from work. When a care partner is accompanying a resident to an appointment, work or a Tierra Village event, a community vehicle may be used, and the community will cover the cost.

If a resident wishes to participate in a social activity, assistant support and transport may be provided and coordinated subject to availability; otherwise the resident is expected to bear the cost of transportation. Residents wishing to participate independently in events ending late at night are required to pay for the cost of transportation back to the community from their private funds if an assistant is unable to pick them up. We have not had to charge a resident for events since we opened our doors in March of 2014.

Residents are not allowed to drive community vehicles.

Yes, there is one semi-private Medicaid eligible room. The other four licensed rooms in Coyote House are private occupancy and additional charges beyond the Medicaid reimbursement rate will apply. If the semi-private room is occupiedthen a Medicaid recipient can choose to live in the private room and pay the additional fee for the private room.

We strongly encourage you to schedule a time to come to Tierra Village and meet the community here.  Call Shanda at (509) 548-1200 Ext. 5

Residents choosing to live in a private room will be asked to pay a three-month deposit that will be held by Tierra Village until the resident no longer resides at Tierra.

Please contact or call Shanda at 509.548-6880 ext 5 for specific rate information.